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810 Boneo Rd, Boneo VIC 3939

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810 Boneo Rd, Boneo VIC 3939

creating positive impacts on the peninsula

our new experiences will offer
our community much needed and wanted FACILITIES

Learn about how these new offerings will benefit the Mornington Peninsula.
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The Ranch will offer two artificial lakes. The large lake will have a full size electric cable system and obstacles (sliders & kickers) with a ‘habitat island’ in the middle to break wash from the other side of the lake. The smaller lake will have a System 2.0 (point to point), ideal for beginners. The small lake will also be used for other associated water sports e.g. SUP and canoeing for schools groups/ team building etc.

more options for water based activities. Will be used for private coaching, group sessions for the general public & schools

opportunity to host state, national and international events. Attracting visitors to the peninsula and increased engagement for locals.


A floating jungle (ropes course) that offers an overwater climbing adventure for people of all ages. Aqua Chimp will be the first overwater climbing adventure facility of its kind in Australia.

Ninja Warrior is a world phenomenon, and ninja enthusiasts will love it! And so too will the Peninjas!

a unique activity that only The Ranch will offer. visitors can hone their ninja moves and be guaranteed that if they fall, it will only be a splash landing!

a unique proposition, not only for the peninsula but more broadly for the state and country.


A world class skate facility that will offer options for freestyle, vert, park and street skating. It will provide something for all skill levels and create a great training ground for all the local budding champs and olympians! 

The indoor skate barn will be an exciting and inspiring hub for all users, including spectators.  

This is so much more than a skatepark! It will be a space for all the multi-sports offered on the property and will ALLOW FOR ALL YEAR ROUND participation FOR LOCALS and visitors.

Again, a unique proposition for the peninsula. This facility also includes a conference space to attract midweek corporate/school groups.


A world class outdoor skatepark comprising of freestyle, vert, park and street elements. There will be something for beginners through to advanced skaters, providing a pathway to progression. Think pump track, different size bowls, ramps, ledges, steps, rails and humps! There’ll be lights to allow skating during the months without daylight savings. The actual skate are is roughly 3,600 m2 and the landscape footprint (including seating, soft landscape etc) brings it closer to 5,400 m2. 

the peninsula is crying out for new facilities to meet the demand and variety for all skill levels. access to skilled coaches.

Being one of the largest skateparks in Australia, it will attract skaters (BMX riders, scooters, and other wheel enthusiasts) who wouldn't otherwise visit the area. It opens up the opportunity for local, district and national competitions - once again attracting unique visitors to the area.


A park for all levels (indoor and outdoor) consisting of a pump track, quarter pipes, spine ramps, box jumps and rails.  

In the past decade there has been a considerable increase in the demand for BMX and mountain biking on the peninsula, which has stimulated the demand for more facilities.

THIS WILL INCREASE PARTICIPATION AND GROWTH IN THE SPORT. Attract more visitors to the area and hopefully increase sales for local bike shops. increased capacity to attract local and national competitions.


The Ranch will become home to Australia’s most comprehensive purpose-built mountainboarding facility through an expansion of existing offerings to include  beginner – experienced boarder cross tracks and advanced freestyle park facilities. A place to progress for all levels and build a thriving riding community.

"It will facilitate the growth of the sport within our local community. regardless of weather conditions, riders will have the opportunity to ride year-round, fostering local riding clubs and engaging youth" (Mountainboard sports Australia).

as well as local events, The ranch will be an ideal venue for hosting prestigious events such as the Mountainboarding world championships. the ranch will promote the sport's growth and sustainability.


There will be a pump track, trails and jumps for all ages and skill levels. For those who don’t want to ride back up the hill, they will be able to get the rope tow back up.  Trails will consist of traditional trails with berms, raised boardwalk structures and rock gardens.

Again, provides a training ground in a controlled environment allowing to hone skills before tackling the trails in Red Hill and Arthur’s Seat.

Providing a space for the whole family and all skill levels is a unique proposition in this sport and will attract new riders to the sport.

having accommodation on site creates a new opportunity to attract more riders from other areas and host events and competitions. opportunities for local bike shops to capitalise on increased participation.


The Ranch will offer a training facility with a series of aerial jumps for beginners right up to the elite level who want to develop and push their abilities to the highest level in a safe environment.

"this would be a tremendous benefit and value to the snow sport community. Action sports are becoming more and more the foundation of new Olympic disciplines" (Snow Australia).

"This facility provides a viable and well utilised venue for our high performance and pathway training programs" (Snow Australia).


A ‘dry slope’ is the perfect way for beginners to learn how to ski and snowboard without the extreme weather conditions and travel time. It is also beneficial for more advanced participants to refine their turning and carving skills. Master the skills before hitting the slopes! 

to participate in snow activities all year round and to give people the opportunity to engage in a sport that is often logistically or financially unattainable.

unique proposition to attract more visitors to the area.

there is also something for the

the less adventurous

The facilities also accommodate and compliment associated activities for those who are less adventurous, spectating, supervising, curious or just looking for something a little different.







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