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810 Boneo Rd, Boneo VIC 3939

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810 Boneo Rd, Boneo VIC 3939

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here are some faqs we’ve put together

We have set up the below FAQs to help answer any further questions you my have. If you have a question that isn’t answered on our website or below, please submit ‘Any Questions?’ (below) and we’ll do our best to answer it and add it to this FAQs section.

will you still do horse riding?

Yes! Horse riding aligns strongly with the nature of action and adventure sports and has a long history at The Ranch. The mounting yards will move, but everything else will remain the same. The action sports precinct will remain on the land that is already developed, while the horse trails will remain on the undeveloped land. 

does the project align with any strategic policies?

Yes. Our project aligns with the following strategic plans:

Active Victoria (2017 – 2021)

Absolutely Everyone – State Disability Plan (2017 – 2020)

Victorian Visitor Economy Strategy (2016)

Victorian Visitor Economy Strategy Action Plan – Progress Report (July 2018)

Plan Melbourne (2017 – 2050)

Our Peninsula 2021: Council Plan (2017 – 2021)

Mornington Peninsula Skate/ BMX strategy (2008)

Mornington Peninsula Disability Inclusion Plan (2018 – 2022)

Mornington Peninsula Economic Development Strategy (2016 – 2019)

Mornington Peninsula Green Wedge Management Plan (April 2019)

Mornington Peninsula Open Space Strategy (2002)

Draft Recreational Facilities for Mountain Bike and BMX Strategy (2022) 

will there be more traffic?

Considering the location of the site in relation to the arterial road network and the likely catchment
areas, it is expected that the vast majority of traffic will be generated to and from the north. This is confirmed by the existing traffic counts undertaken at the site access point, which indicate that 88% was from north origin, while 12% from the south.

The peak period for traffic generation is expected to occur from late morning to early afternoon, when patrons will be both arriving and departing the site. During the early morning and late afternoon periods, the majority of traffic will be only arriving or only departing respectively, and total traffic generation is expected to be lower.

Therefore, for analysis purposes, it is assumed that during the peak hour, traffic will be evenly distributed between inbound and outbound traffic.

The existing site access point provides a full Channelised Left Turn (CHL) treatment from, which exceeds the treatment warranted, and therefore, is considered to be suitable to accommodate left turning
traffic. Conversely, the existing site access point provides an Auxiliary Right Turn (AUR) treatment,
and modifications are proposed to the site access point to provide the full Channelised Right Turn (CHR).
It is considered that the proposed intersection upgrade works will be required to accommodate the peak traffic generation of the proposed development.

A new CHR might eliminate the stretch of road outside The Ranch that is currently filled with pot holes and patched roads!

will you offer a seasons pass?

Yes and there will be early bird specials!

We also have support from URBNSURF who are excited by the opportunity to collaborate and create a membership and or single pass that promotes reciprocal rights with The Ranch, where participants/tourists can visit both venues and experience the whole gamete of adventure sports.

will their be more noise?

An acoustic report has been done and based on the acoustic assessment, it was found that the subject development is expected to conform with all nominated criteria, and on this basis, not unreasonably affect noise amenity in the area with the prosed amendments to our Planning Permit and Liquor Licence.

has the skatepark already been designed?

The skatepark in our masterplan render was designed by a skatepark designer. It is an exciting design that caters for all skill levels and allows for all aspects of riding, including freestyle, vert, park and street.

Having said that, this is just an indicative design, mainly to show the footprint of the skatepark! The actual skate area is roughly 3,600 m2 and the landscape footprint (incl. seating, soft landscapes etc) is closer to 5,400 m2.

We will be asking for feedback to see what the community actually want in this park and it will change and evolve to suit the needs of the community.

how can the community get involved and support this project?

We would love to hear from you! If you support this project you can:

Sign up to receive updates by checking the box (Yes, keep me up to date with the project process) in our online form.

Send a letter of support either to us, or directly to Council.

Fill out our online form and let us know how you would like to get involved – design input, employment etc

Will there be options for accessibility?

Absolutely! We have designed this project with accessibility at the forefront. All new buildings have accessible pathways, amenities, car parking and there will be an accessible equivalent for the majority of the action sports.

The mountain bike trails have been designed around Canadian adaptive mtb (aMTB) standards who are leading the way globally in this space. 

The tow rope, magic carpet and lifts will also assist in this area.

when do you expect to open?

This will all depend on how long it takes for a Council decision. Once approved, we’re shovel ready!!

will you open everything at once or will it be a staged opening?

It is a staged project. The first stage includes the mountainboard and mountain bike parks, the lakes, Aqua Chimp, the snow components, Chapel extension and the extra cabins in the current camp site.

Stage 2 will be the indoor and outdoor skateparks.

Stage 3 will be the holiday park extension with the addition of the eco huts.

It is important to note that it is not a staged permit, so we’re not locked into this sequence of stages if demand/funding calls for an alternate scenario.

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